Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Breadboarded sensor

Breadboarded Airball sensor probe. Two differential pressure sensors and one gage sensor, all 10" H2O range. One BMP280 barometer. Things of note:

* My 3D printed 5-hole probe nose turned out to be clogged; need to make more.

* The Adafruit BMP280 library for reading the sensor seems to crash whenever I use it with my code. That's sad because the BMP280 is a pain in the neck to read -- you have to download all these calibration parameters from the thing to correct its readings.

Next steps are to figure out if we can get the BMP280 library to work, and to get some more probe noses built so we can try out very simple alpha/beta/Q measurements. And hook up an XBee to the Arduino's serial port to get this information to the display.

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