Friday, January 12, 2018

More miscellaneous meanderings

Various progress notes as things go ahead --

Jeremy has reproduced my setup, gotten a far better Arduino program than mine working, and is re-designing the PCB! Impressive progress!

I have been busy with my day job but have been noodling around with a 3D printed version of the Citabria mount. This is the form that's out to the printers right now:

Stay tuned for more progress. I got some test prints in ABS (white) and PLA (black) that are teaching me the limits of what to expect for tolerances in commodity 3D printing:

Furthermore, I've been slowly acquiring some new antennas for more testing down the line. I expect I will be able to handle low-wing airplanes by building a "spike" that puts the antenna ahead of the leading edge so it can be seen from the cockpit. This is for later but I have these antennas and U.FL extension cables to try out:

And finally, I continue to have trouble getting my Dynamixel servos to talk to my computer, after having gotten a dud USB2AX and having to get another one sent to me. Still trying....

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