Sunday, September 9, 2018

Oshkosh 2018 recap

It's been a while since we blogged, and it's been rather hectic. But fear not, the project proceeds apace. First, news of our epic adventure to Oshkosh 2018!

Jeremy and I took off from Carson City, Nevada (KCXP) and landed at KOSH two nights later. In the meantime, we were weathered in and ended up sleeping the first night at Hulett Municipal Airport (W43) in Wyoming. The second night, we slept in Madison, Wisconsin in a proper hotel. And the following morning, we took off and did the harrowing approach into KOSH, where Jeremy's landing got him a "Nice job, T-tail!" from the controllers!

For the return trip, Jeremy flew me to KORD where I took a commercial flight back home to KSFO. Our flight into KORD was IFR including some actual, and Jeremy did an awesome job of barreling in along with the fast jets and landing just before the taxiway turnoff. Again, he earned some thanks from the controllers!

This is Airball in flight:

This is Camp Haybale [tm] at W43:

And the full photo album of our trip can be found here:

Oshkosh 2018

We met with a huge number of great people, many of whom were excited to collaborate with us, and we with them. We will be sharing more of this as things actually materialize.

We also attended the 2018 Founder's Innovation Prize awards, where we were delighted to see Mike Vaccaro, Chris Jones, and Cecil Jones win first prize for their project, Enhanced Aural AOA Logic. Congratulations to them for a job very well done!

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