Saturday, May 18, 2019

Data analysis from previous flight

I analyzed the data from the flight with Airball and the MEMS accelerometer. First the major airdata variables:

This looks like reasonable data and fits with what I recall of the flight. Next let's look at the entire period of data collection (not just the flight) and compare Y acceleration (the lateral acceleration which we hope to correlate with yaw) with measured altitude:
We see that the acceleration jumped to 0.2g for no reason while sitting on the ground, then bounced back and continued with a really weird bias. This is clearly junk data; I don't know what went on but I need to fix it before we can draw any conclusions. Using the accelerometer on the workbench, it seems to work fine, showing +/- 1 g as it is tilted vertically one way or the other, so we have no explanation.

Finally, a few cute plots. Ever wondered about the correlation between IAS and AoA? Well here it is:
 and for good measure, here is the correlation between dynamic pressure and AoA:

Stay tuned; a friend has very kindly agreed to lend me a high-quality accelerometer....

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