Saturday, June 8, 2019

All Sensors chips may have been heat damaged

Today I was messing with my probes to make a newer, sleeker design (stay tuned), and I noticed that the interior of Probe #2 looked like this:

If you zoom in on the photo, you can see that the black mounting ring is deformed completely out of shape. This indicates severe heat damage that approximated the softening point of the PLA plastic -- likely by sitting inside a car for too long. PLA melts at about 180 degrees C, so I'm not sure how hot this thing got, but it could easily have gotten above 100 degrees C.

I am therefore suspecting that the All Sensors pressure sensors that had particularly poor performance -- the ones in the working probes -- were heat damaged. This might explain things.

I'm therefore building up a new probe with fresh sensors that performed well in the recent testing, and will report back as to their performance.

Crucially, regardless of what sort of sensors I use, it is clear to me that I must have an autozero function if I am to get good performance at low dynamic pressure.

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