Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Complete flight with video

Yesterday, Melissa (Product Marketing Manager for Airball) and I went for a flight in N291DR. I used the replay program I wrote recently to turn the data logs into a video. At the beginning, I blew into the probe to create an "artifact" I could use to synchronize the GoPro and data-generated videos, and create a picture-in-picture combination. And here it is:

There are some specific points of interest, so here are a few direct links to them:

  • Takeoff and climbout from KRHV [t=566
  • Steep turns: [t=1466s]
  • Approach and low pass over a field: [t=1573s]
  • Demonstrating AoA changing at near-constant IAS: [t=2016s]
  • Approach and landing at KRHV: [t=3070s]

One issue we're having is that the probe "reads low" in IAS, and we suspect it's due to some leakage in the plumbing. It's a bit strange since this problem crept up in the past few weeks; it was not always this way. This may be due to jostled pressure hoses, or it may be that the natural porosity of the hobby FDM 3D printed parts are affecting accuracy. We have pulled the probe from service and are doing some tests. In the worst case, we return to making the probe noses using more fancy 3D printing techniques, e.g., sending them out to Shapeways. Stay tuned!

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