Monday, January 4, 2021

Boards came in the mail!

 Today, a shipment of boards came in the mail, via DHL from my friends at

The first was a series of 5 populated probe boards, with bugs ironed out and improved placement for the pressure sensors. The PCBWay folks decided to throw in all the "extra" parts that they didn't use for the build, as well:

Next was a set of 5 unpopulated copies of the new display board, with a stencil:

And finally, I also got a pile of components for the display board from Mouser, with more on the way:

The new probe boards work great. I'm currently 3D printing some components for a new probe and should have it running soon. We're getting really close to being able to make "kits"!! As I said, this one has better component spacing, and I also found 3D models of the Honeywell pressure sensors (here, under "Resources") so I can model them in CAD much better now:

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