Tuesday, July 6, 2021

More mount design thoughts

The latest version of the adjustable strut mount seems to work fine but it has a tendency to be a bit wobbly and have some "hysteresis" in its alignment. First, here are some photos:

Now the hysteresis. Note in this video how the rear does not quite return to the exact same position when disturbed. This may be rectified partly by making the front part more rigid, but probably not quite. Now I'm thinking about solutions involving two items that "hug" the strut at 2 locations, with the variable structure in between them. Stay tuned.

One other thought is of course to just "give up" and add a hinge right behind the probe. I've been resisting this because it just re-iterates the problem of creating a reliable and stiff hinge, and it is not quite as easy to "boresight". But maybe this would indeed be the best....

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