Sunday, June 12, 2022

Project update: The display

The display is kind of the root of all evil in this system. We require a pretty beefy processor (not a monster -- just not a tiny microcontroller) to display the necessary (approx.) 20 FPS anti-aliased graphics. We need a bright screen, but given the givens, we don't have one because we have yet to successfully build a new custom system with a sunlight readable LCD module.

Our latest system is this, which uses a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and a Waveshare 3.5 inch LCD:

One of the main questions has been how to implement the UI. We have a Web UI that runs off the display, written in Flutter / Dart, here:

This is fine, but we might still want local adjustment to change audio volume, screen brightness (in the future, when we can!), and the barometer setting. We would likely build something with a rotary encoder like the following, even though it would be a bit bigger (comparing current and possible future below).

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