Sunday, July 23, 2023

New display form factor mockup

While waiting for parts in the mail, I made a first guess at what the case for the new display would look like, and assembled it to get an idea of the form factor. This is what the CAD model looks like:


This is the actual mockup on my bench. As you can see, it's actually quite small:

The SD card slot is at the top left:

The USB-C port on the back, emerging from the bottom of the unit, is the single "umbilical" for power and peripherals. A user can purchase many kinds of straight-out or right-angle cables to fit their installation:

I'm thinking the holes on the back would be made to fit a RAM ball mount, but I'm not quite sure yet. I certainly want some kind of threaded insert hole pattern on the back so people can mount this thing however they want.

That's all folks! Looking forward to the circuits coming in. Fingers crossed!

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