Sunday, August 13, 2023

New display works!

 The PCBs for the display I described here came in a couple days ago. The upshot: It works!! Woo hoo!

The only thing I haven't tested so far is the I2C memory, but I'm not too worried -- even if that's borked, I would count this board spin a success! I also got a signal polarity for the LCD enable signal confused in my schematic, but this is not rocket surgery; I figured it out and added some code to set the GPIO properly. All is well.

I'm now working on form factors for the housing. I noticed the CM4 chips (in particular, the CPU and Wi-Fi module) get pretty hot, so I'm experimenting with cooling slots. I'm also working on various ideas for mounting; stay tuned for more deets....

The way I 3D printed the SD card slot is new for me. I programmed a pause at a given layer, inserted a 3D printed support that was covered with Kapton tape, and continued printing. Once done, I popped out the support!

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