Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Components coming in!

I got a sweet new Lenovo Thinkpad P50s to use with the EAA's free SolidWorks member benefit. The result is as you see, starting to design the probe nose:

It turns out the Arduino UART uses TTL rather than RS-232 levels, so testing with a computer with a hardware DB9 connector is an exercise in futility. Who knew? :) So we have a new FTDI USB/serial adapter with bare pinouts we can experiment with:

Finally, I got some Tygon tubing and a bunch of the cutest and littlest barbed tubing connectors imaginable. These have a 1/16" diameter barbed fitting, and a 10-32 thread on the other side. The idea is that these would fit into tapped holes in the 3D-printed polymer probe nose, and connect on the other side to similar fittings built into the pressure sensor chips:

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