Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Welcome to Airball!

This blog is intended to chronicle the progress of the Airball project.

What Airball project, you ask? Well, we have a novel way to display airdata to help pilots fly airplanes more safely, and we just won a generous award from the Experimental Aircraft Association [press release].

We hope to get this system into the hands of pilots and flight students as soon as we can, to get feedback on how it helps and how it can be improved.

Our vision is outlined in our submission to the EAA [PDF link]. If you are interested in Airball, this is a good place to start -- we have made it easy to read in chunks.

There are not really any affordable aircraft systems that gather the airdata we need for Airball, so our first job is going to be to build an inexpensive airdata probe that can be clipped to the outside of any airplane like an action camera, and which sends data wirelessly to a display unit. Stay tuned for our adventures!

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