Saturday, September 30, 2017

PCB for airdata probe

After the humbling experience with the flakey bare-wired sensor board, I decided to spin up a PCB that would bring together all the parts I need. This design has only one "loose" wire pair: the wires to the battery, which is designed to be VHB taped and Zip-tied to the board with the loose wires taped up for vibration protection.

The board at Osh Park is here:



Now I need to CAD up some 3D printed components to fix the board in the polycarbonate tube, and expose the rear board edge since that contains the charging connector, the on/off switch, and a tiny little temperature sensor chip (TI TMP102).

The temperature sensor probably should be in the actual airstream, rather than merely exposed on the board edge, but for the time being this should be a reasonable enough configuration for preliminary testing.

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