Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Partially promising road run

I used some rubber bands to make sure the pressure sensor ICs were secure in their sockets, then went out for a quick road run. The following is the data I acquired.

The first is all my data from the entire run. Note what looks like a nice, stable temperature reading, and pressure readings that seem stable at first but start displaying "fuzzy" spikes as we get going:

Zooming in on one area, note the spikes in the delta_P_0 and delta_P_alpha signals in particular:

Note how the spikiness showed up after some jostling on the road. My conclusion is as before -- that I've licked some of the problems with software, but there must linger some more issues with the hardware that are causing noise in my readings.

My best recourse at this point is to simply build up an independent board, install the same sensors in it, and give it a try to see if it has the same behavior. If it does, then that warrants going in there with the analog scope to see what is going on with the signals. If not, then I'll just consider this an artifact of poor manufacturing. Off to the soldering station with me!

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