Saturday, December 23, 2017

Probe mount for the Dynamixel servos

I made a tiny mounting plate to attach the probe to the Dynamixel servos. This would be a relatively prosaic exercise were it not for the fact that I am trying out OnShape -- a cloud CAD system reportedly built by some engineers from SolidWorks. So far I find it pretty useable, though different enough from SolidWorks to require some thinking.

Of course the perennial problem is how to get a full-scale drawing printed out with the proper dimensions. Just hitting Print in the browser won't cut it. I finally figured out a workflow that works -- exporting a PDF from OnShape, then opening it in on a Macintosh, and printing to our HP inkjet printer from there. Other workflows may work, and conversely, this one may not work for you, but there you go.

Now with that done, it appears the Dynamixel servos may not be rigid enough, after all, for the purpose I have in mind. They will likely wobble quite a bit when mounted on top of the car, and there's a lot of lateral free play in their bearings. I'll get my control board in sometime next week and power them up and see, and then make my decisions. There are larger (but alack, more expensive) Dynamixels out there, and there's also the option of using something like stepper motors (alack, more work).

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