Saturday, October 10, 2020

Airball probe v8 battery life

I conducted a battery drain-down test from full charge:

Luckily, the onboard battery charger and power monitor gives me info that I send every 2 seconds over WiFi, so I could just telnet to the probe, grab all data sentences starting with a $B, and plot the results. I went from a full charge (the charger "charging" light went off) to shutdown.

The battery that's installed at the moment is a 3700 mAh 18650-size Li-ion.

It looks like we will have a 1/2-day battery life very very easily, probably without having to spec the super large 37000 mAh batteries. This means you can set it on your airplane, go fly around, and pretty much not worry about having to turn it off while you eat lunch. So this part of the design goal is easily satisfied.

For reference, the steady state current draw seems to be around 180 milliamps.

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