Saturday, October 17, 2020

Simple PyGame program to read probe v8 data

After chatting with my friend John Marzulli, the author of the awesome StratuxHud, I became interested in PyGame and decided to see what it would be like to create a simple program to read data from the new Airball probe using it.

The good thing about the ESP32-based probe is that it is a self-contained air data computer, so if I just telnet to the probe, I get meaningful data (angles of attack and yaw, etc.) rather than a bunch of raw pressures that need to be reduced using magic.

So it's now easy to show "real" data using a program as dead-simple as pyball.

This is the program running, ironically on a Raspberry Pi display unit that is one of the first "displays" I ever made, many years ago! A marriage of the old and the new! :)

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