Sunday, November 15, 2020

Probe V8 flight ... of sorts

Today was the first flight of Probe V8 with an actual Airball display. Things worked but were not as reliable as I would like. Some notes:

1. There were short periods of "loss of data" which might be caused by buffering in the OS, or might be genuine signal loss. I found no evidence of signal loss when I tried things earlier so I suspect this is some bursty behavior in the OS. Action item: Characterize data reception interval under real-world conditions.

2. The new probe shape is even less well-calibrated than the previous one! The data is there; it's just not reasonable. The airspeed is way off. Action item: Probe calibration.

In general, this is nothing that can't be ironed out with a little bit of work, and we are that much closer to a "kit" for people to build.

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