Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Probe road testing proceeds

 We're back to putting whacky stuff on the Prius! This time our pole is a PVC pipe facing forwards:

The "kite" is not yet mass balanced, so we took it on quiet streets in the neighborhood, going up to maybe 45 mph. It was stable up to that point, and we did not push it. Here is a video of  the "flight":

The "kite" gets "on the wing" at about 13 mph, and with a bit of creative steering, it's possible to free it from the ropes if it gets stuck on them. Otherwise, it seems reasonably trouble-free.

Subsequently, I did a quick balance test to measure the rearward moment of the weight of the thing, and am now 3D printing some more stuff to move the payload mass forward to counteract the tails and make it mass-balanced. Stay tuned.

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