Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Partial triumph with probe nose

Last night I started a print of the following design, which splits the nose between the threaded and un-threaded portions. This can be printed with zero supports for the whole thing:

This morning the printer had a MINTEMP BED error and had stopped partly through the print. It's possible it just got too cold in my garage! But the general hypothesis is confirmed: This is a good way to get all the parts done properly. The two halves are joined with four #2 self-tapping screws, per our previous practice. If we desire better sealing, we can smear a bit of glue on the mating surfaces prior to joining them.

I still need to add a 140 degree countersink to the threaded holes to better accept the geometry of the Eldon James barb adapters, but that's a detail. It works! Yay!


  1. Such a clean solution compared to the mess of scaffolding on the other print!

  2. Such a clean solution compared to the messy scaffolding from the previous print.