Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Probe nose 3D printing update

 My current design for the probe nose looks something like this:

I've pretty much decided that 10-32 threaded barb adapters are the way to go. Now on to the 3D printing.

The idea is for the threads to be 3D printed into the part. I'm trying this out using standard hobby FDM printing (with my Prusa and ABS). I'm also experimenting with Prusa's version of Slic3r to see what it can do. Here are the results, including the process of cleaning out the part and trying to get a threaded adapter into it:

Here are a few conclusions:

  1. Believe it or not, 3D printing 10-32 threads using my commodity Prusa actually works.
  2. The Slic3r generated supports "stick" to the part far more than the Ultimaker Cura ones.
  3. The 1/16" holes going through the part were completely plugged up. Could also be a Silc3r versus Cura issue.
  4. There are too many fancy "cavities" in my part that are a pain in the neck to clean.
The next design is going to be in 2 pieces -- the front part resting on the bed, and an "extension". I imagine I will make it so you just glue the parts together permanently after they are made. And I'm going to eliminate the "cutout" for the temperature probe -- there's a cutout on the other side of it that should be adequate.

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